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Vertical Non-metallic Baler Machine

Our hydraulic vertical baler machines are versatile, offering widespread application in compressing waste paper, carton boxes, PET bottles, plastic waste, films, used clothing, wool, and other lightweight materials.

You can discover the main advantages of our vertical non-metal baler machine:

Non-metallic Baler Machine Models

Y82 25 Vertical Balers


Y82 63KL Vertical Balers


Y82 63X Vertical Baler


Y82 100B Vertical Baler


Y82T-100FZ Vertical Baler


Y82 100LT Vertical Baler


Features of Our Y82 Series Baler

Efficient Hydraulic Drive: Smooth, noise-free operation with fast extrusion speed & powerful force for compact, dispersal-resistant blocks.

Mobile Chamber Box: The hydraulic vertical non-metal baler press machine features a mobile chamber box for convenient scrap tying, enhancing efficiency.

Quick Installation: Compact design allows easy setup without a foundation, ensuring simple and flexible operation.

Premium Cylinder Seal: Imported GRAI ring ensures excellent sealing and strong pressure resistance.

Customizable Compression Chamber: Tailor chamber size and package dimensions to meet specific customer needs.

Typically Applications

Vertical Cardboard Baler

Waste Cardboard & Paper

Effectivly compressing cardboard boxes, paper sheets, newspapers, magazines, and other paper-based waste materials.

Plastic Baler

Waste Plastic

Utilized for compacting and baling different types of waste plastic materials, such as bottles, containers, packaging materials, etc.

Tire Press Baling Machine

Scrap Tires

A specialized equipment designed for scrap tires and used in recycling facilities or scrap yards to compact and bundle scrap tires.

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Vertical Cardboard Baler