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HBB-4800 Car Compactor

HBB-4800 Car Compactor

The car compactor machine is also known as a car logger, car crusher, or car baler. It’s a heavy-duty piece of equipment designed to compress scrapped cars into smaller blocks for more accessible transport and recycling.

This machine utilizes a powerful hydraulic system capable of efficiently compressing metal, significantly reducing the volume of scrap cars. The structure of the hydraulic scrap car baler is robust and able to withstand high levels of pressure, ensuring safety and stability during the compression process.

Model HBB-4800
Hydraulic pressure 100-250 Tons
Bale size 870×670 mm × variable length
Chamber size 4800×1720 mm
Out-bale way Take bale with grab machine
Color Custom
Operation Automatic PLC control


Hydraulic Car Baler / Logger with Scrap Grabs

Car Balers


  • Quiet and Efficient: Features a hydraulic drive for silent operation, fast extrusion speeds, and vital force for cohesive metal blocks.
  • Durable Construction: Constructed from standardized steel plates with advanced welding for durability, low failure rates, and long life.
  • Cooling Options: Offers an optional cooling system, in water or air-cooled variants, to enhance continuous operation and reduce failures.
  • Superior Sealing: Equipped with an imported GRAI ring in the cylinder for superior sealing and high-pressure resistance.
  • Compact Design: Designed for easy installation with no fixed foundation and includes an automatic mode for simple operation.
  • Cold Extrusion: Uses technology to preserve metal integrity and optimize material use.
  • High Efficiency: More efficient than traditional hammering or mechanical packing methods.

How does a Car Compactor Work?


  • Preparation: Ensure baler positioning and component functionality, then clear the surrounding area.
  • Loading: Correctly position scrap car bodies or metal pieces in the baler’s working area.
  • Parameter Setting: Adjust pressure and compression time based on material type and size.
  • Start Operation: Activate the baler, manually or automatically, and monitor for issues.
  • Compression: Apply hydraulic pressure to compact scrap into tight bales, maintaining stability.
  • Unloading: Stop the machine after compression and remove bales using the orange peel grabs.
  • Cleanup & Maintenance: Clean the baler and area and perform necessary maintenance for long-term functionality.

Applications of  the Metal Baler Machine

The hydraulic car baler machine is utilized in various sectors for compacting car bodies and other large metal items into manageable bales.

Here’s an overview of its applications:

  • Metal Recycling Industry: Our hydraulic metal baler efficiently compacts scrap metal into uniform square bales, enhancing recycling processes.
  • Scrap Car Dismantling: The baler extensively compresses scrap car bodies, streamlining disposal and recycling.
  • Metal Foundry and Smelting: During production, any industrial scrap metal or metal chips can be efficiently compacted using our baler.
  • Hardware Industry: The hydraulic metal baler can compact scrap metal products, making it a valuable tool for waste management.
  • Machinery Processing Industry: The machine aids in the packaging and compaction of scrap, debris, powder, and other metal materials, significantly benefiting the workshop environment, waste recycling, and the utilization of human resources.


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