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Scrap Metal Baler Manufacturer

Our metal baler efficiently compresses various scrap metals into compact packages, including steel, aluminum, and copper.

Our scrap metal balers can be widely used in many industries, from steel mills to metal smelting and scrap yards.

You can discover the main advantages of our metal baler machine:

Our Main Metal Baler Machine

y81-1250 metal baler


Y81-2000 Hydraulic Scrap Metal Baler


Y81-2500 Hydraulic Metal Baler


y81-315t metal scrap baler


Y81-4000 Scrap Metal Baler


630t Metal Baler Machine


Our Full Metal Baler Technical Specifications

Y81 Series Hydraulic Metal Baler Technical Parameters
Model Nominal Force (ton) Chamber Size (L*W*H/mm) Bale Size (W*H/mm)  Power (KW)
Y81-1250 125 1200×700×600 300×300 15
Y81-1600 160 1600×1000×800 400×400 22
Y81-2000 200 1600×1200×800 400×400 37
Y81--2500A 250 2000×1400×900 500×500 2×22
Y81-2500B 250 2500×2000×1200 500×500/600×600 2×30
Y81-3150A 250 2500×2000×1200 600×600 2×45
Y81-3150B 315 3000×2500×1200 600×600 2×45
Y81-3150C 315 3500×3000×1300 600×600/700×700 2×45
Y81-4000A 400 3500×3000×1300 700×700 3×45
Y81-4000B 400 4000×3000×1300 700×700 3×45
Y81-4000C 400 5000×2500×1300 700×700 3×45
Y81-5000A 500 3000×2500×1200 600×600 3×45
Y81-5000B 500 3500×3000×1300 700×700 3×45
Y81-6300A 630 3000×2500×1400 700×700 4×45
Y81-6300B 630 4000×3000×1400 700×700/800×800 4×45
Y81-8000 800 3500×3000×1400 700×700/800×800 4×45
Y81-10000 1000 3500×3000×1400 700×700/800×800 4×45/5×45
Y81-12500 1250 3500×3000×1400 800×800 6×55
Y81-15000 1500 4000×3000×1400 800×800 6×55

Our Hydraulic Scrap Metal Press

Y81 series hydraulic scrap metal press
Door cover
Door cylinder
Side cylinder
Hydraulic station
Automatic control
Main cylinder
Y81 series hydraulic scrap metal press machine
Door cover
Door cylinder
Side cylinder
Hydraulic station
Automatic control
Main cylinder

Door Cover

Compact the material after feeding

Hydraulic Station

Both high and low configurations can be customized

Main Cylinder

Max pressure for pressing material

Side Cylinder

Second time compact to make the bale more tight

Applications of Our Metal Recycling Baler

Scrap metal balers contribute to sustainable waste management by compressing and packaging the metal types, making them easier to transport and recycle. The versatility of our machines makes them essential in various industries seeking to optimize resource recovery and reduce environmental impact.
scrap metal

Scrap Metal

Compress scrap metal into bales with a baler for easier handling, transport, and efficient recycling.

aluminium cans

Aluminum Cans

Aluminum scrap, such as beverage cans, aluminum siding, and extrusions, can be processed efficiently using aluminium can baler.

aluminum foil

Aluminum Foil

Metal baler machines effectively process materials like aluminum foil, enhancing recycling by compacting various foil thicknesses into dense, manageable bales.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Steel baler are utilized to compress stainless steel scrap, including sheet metal, pipes, and other forms, into dense bales.

Scrap Car

Scrap Car

Dismantle scrap car, shred metal, remove non-metals, and bale for efficient recycling.

Non-Ferrous Metal

Non Ferrous Metal

Sort, clean, and compact non-ferrous metal into our non ferrous baler for improved recycling efficiency and value.

Bale Shape

rectangular bale


Cylindrical chips bale


Octagonal scrap metal bale


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