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hydraulic scrap metal shear machine

Our scrap metal shearing machine comes in 3 types: alligator, guillotine, and heavy-duty.

You can discover the main advantages of our metal shear machine:

Our Main scrap metal shear machine

alligator shearing machine

Alligator Hydraulic Shear

Suitable for cutting irregular or mixed materials, such as scrap metal, and applicable for general scrap metal cutting where precision is less critical. 

Q15 Series Hydraulic Guillotine Shear Machine

Hydraulic Guillotine Shear

Provides precise vertical cuts, suitable for cutting rebar steel and various metal sheets, effectively replacing flame cutting.

Heavy Duty Metal Shear

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Shear

Designed for cutting thick and large materials, such as scrapped cars and light metal structures, suitable for handling heavy-duty scrap metal.

Comparative Table

Feature / Model Alligator Hydraulic Shear Hydraulic Guillotine Shear Heavy Duty Hydraulic Shear
Max Cutting Force 63-600 tons 120-500 tons 250-1250 tons
Blade Length 600-1800 mm 600-900 mm 1200-2000 mm
Max Cutting Size 35*35-110*110 mm 18*500-45*700 mm Custom
Power 7.5-2*45 kw 15-30*2 kw 2*30-7*45 kw
Main Strengths Strong capability for irregular materials High-precision vertical cuts High cutting force for thick materials
Main Weaknesses Lower precision Not suitable for irregular materials, bulky equipment High cost, requires ample space and maintenance
Suitable Materials Mixed scrap metal, various sizes Materials needing precise cuts like steel plates, threaded steel Thick materials like scrapped cars, metal structures
Recommended Scenarios Scrap metal recycling yards Metal fabrication plants requiring precise cuts Facilities processing heavy scrap metal

Alligator Hydraulic Shear

Q43-1200 Alligator Shears Processing


Q43-4000 Alligator Guillotine Shear


Q43-6000 Alligator Guillotine Shear


Guillotine Hydraulic Shear

Q15 2000 Hydraulic Metal Shear Machine


Q15 2500 Hydraulic Metal Shear Machine


Q15-3150 Hydraulic Metal Shear Machine


Heavy-duty Hydraulic Shear

Hydraulic Metal Shear Machine


Q91Y 6300 Hydraulic Metal Shear Machine


Q91Y 8000 Hydraulic Metal Shear Machine


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