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Metal Chips Briquetting Machines

Our metal chip briquetting machine is mainly used to compress steel chips, cast iron chips, copper chips, and aluminum chips into high-density cylindrical briquettes for easy recycling and smelting.

You can discover the main advantages of our hydraulic briquette press machine:

Our hydraulic briquette press machine

Our metal chips briquetting machine offers versatility with both vertical and horizontal configurations, providing compression for various sizes to meet diverse customer needs.

1. Horizontal Metal Briquetting Machine

Y83W-4000 Briquette Press Machine


Y83W-6300 Briquette Press Machine


Y83W-10000 Briquette Press Machine


2. Vertical Metal Briquetting Machine

Y83-2500 Steel Chips Powder Briquetting Press Machine


Y83-4000 Scrap Metal Chip Briquetting Press Machine


Y83-5000 Vertical Copper Steel Chips Briquette Press Machine


Full Vertical Models Technical Specifications

Y83 Series Vertical Briquette Press Machine Technical Parameters
Model Nominal Force (ton) Briquet Size (L*W*H/mm) Production (Ton/hr)  Power (KW)
Y83-2500 250 φ110*(50-70) 0.6-0.8 22
Y83-3150 315 φ120/140*(50-70) 0.8-1.1 30
Y83-4000 400 φ140/160*(70-100) 1.3-1.6 37
Y83--5000 500 φ160/180*(70-100) 1.7-2.5 45
Y83-6300 630 φ180/200*(100-140) 2.8-3.5 2×37

Applications of hydraulic briquette press machine

Our metal chips briquetting machine is designed to handle a wide range of metal materials, including but not limited to: 
steel chips

Steel Chips

Metal chips briquetting plays a crucial role in recycling, transforming steel chips from machining, cutting, and stamping processes into valuable, reusable resources.

aluminum chips

Aluminum Chips

Aluminum chips originate from machining, cutting, and fabrication processes, efficiently recycled by an aluminum chip briquetter into reusable briquettes.

copper chips

Copper Chips

Copper chips, produced during milling, turning, and drilling operations, are efficiently compacted by a copper chip briquetter for effective recycling and reuse.

stainless steel chips

Stainless Steel Chips

Stainless steel chips, generated from laser cutting, machining, and polishing, are effectively compacted by a metal chip briquetting machine for efficient recycling.

cast chips

Cast Chips

Cast chips, created during the machining of cast iron and aluminum parts, are optimally compacted by a chip briquetter for streamlined recycling and reuse.

Iron Chips

Iron Chips

Iron chips, arising from cutting, drilling, and milling of ferrous materials, are efficiently processed by an chip briquetter for enhanced recycling efforts.

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